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Get the font attributes of the current font


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2176

procedure FontExtent(

  Font: PTextFont;

  FontExtent: PTextExtent





The TextFont from which the font metrics are extracted.



The TextExtent structure to be filled.


This function fills the text extent structure with a bounding (i.e. maximum) extent for the characters in the specified font.

The TextFont, not the RastPort, is specified -- unlike TextExtent(), effect of algorithmic enhancements is not included, nor does te_Width include any effect of rp_TxSpacing. The returned te_Width will be negative only when FPF_REVPATH is set in the tf_Flags of the font -- the effect of left-moving characters is ignored for the width of a normal font, and the effect of right-moving characters is ignored if a REVPATH font. These characters will, however, be reflected in the bounding extent.

See also



Determine raster extent of text data.

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