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get the blitter for private usage


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2130

procedure OwnBlitter;


If blitter is available return immediately with the blitter locked for your exclusive use. If the blitter is not available put task to sleep. It will be awakened as soon as the blitter is available. When the task first owns the blitter the blitter may still be finishing up a blit for the previous owner. You must do a WaitBlit() before actually using the blitter registers.

Calls to OwnBlitter() do not nest. If a task that owns the blitter calls OwnBlitter() again, a lockup will result. (Same situation if the task calls a system function that tries to own the blitter).

It is good practice to start the blitter immediately after calling this function and then call DisownBlitter() so other tasks can use the blitter.

See also



Returns blitter to free state.



Wait for the blitter to be finished before proceeding with anything else.

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