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Queue up a request for blitter usage


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2100

procedure QBlit(

  Blit: PBltNode





A pointer to blitnode structure


The routine that function in the bltnode is pointing to is called when the blitter is ready for work. No other task will be able to access the blitter while you're doing the blit. Queued blits have precedence over a task that tries to own the blitter via OwnBlitter(). So all queued blitter requests will be done first until the task that attempts a OwnBlitter can actually access the blitter.

Not all hardware has a blitter. On hardware where there is no blitter, a blitter is simulated. Therefore all code that will be executed in the function that is called must not contain code that is hacking the blitter's register but should contain calls to graphics functions instead.

See also



Synchronize the blitter request with the video beam.



get the blitter for private usage



Returns blitter to free state.

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