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Set the soft style of the current font.


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2069

function SetSoftStyle(

  Rp: PRastPort;

  Style: LongWord;

  Enable: LongWord





A pointer to a RastPort



The new font style to set, subject to enable.



Those bits in style to be changed. Any set bits here that would not be set as a result of AskSoftStyle() will be ignored, and the Result will not be as expected.

Function result

The resulting style, both as a result of previous soft style selection, the effect of this function, and the style inherent in the set font.


This function alters the soft style of the current font. Only those bits that are also set in enable are affected. The resulting style is returned, since some style request changes will not be honored when the implicit style of the font precludes changing them.

See also



Get the soft style bits of the current font.

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