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Describes the disk geometry


Source position: amigados.pas line 1073

type TDosEnvec = record

  de_TableSize: IPTR;


Size of Environment vector

  de_SizeBlock: IPTR;


in longwords: standard value is 128

  de_SecOrg: IPTR;


not used; must be 0

  de_Surfaces: IPTR;


# of heads (surfaces). drive specific

  de_SectorPerBlock: IPTR;


not used; must be 1

  de_BlocksPerTrack: IPTR;


blocks per track. drive specific

  de_Reserved: IPTR;


DOS reserved blocks at start of partition.

  de_PreAlloc: IPTR;


DOS reserved blocks at end of partition

  de_Interleave: IPTR;


usually 0

  de_LowCyl: IPTR;


starting cylinder. typically 0

  de_HighCyl: IPTR;


max cylinder. drive specific

  de_NumBuffers: IPTR;


Initial # DOS of buffers.

  de_BufMemType: IPTR;


Type of mem to allocate for buffers

  de_MaxTransfer: IPTR;


Max number of bytes to transfer at a time

  de_Mask: IPTR;


Address Mask to block out certain memory

  de_BootPri: LongInt;


Boot priority for autoboot

  de_DosType: IPTR;


ASCII (HEX) string showing filesystem type; $444F5300 OFS, $444F5301 FFS

  de_Baud: IPTR;


Baud rate for serial handler

  de_Control: IPTR;


Control SmallInt for handler/filesystem

  de_BootBlocks: IPTR;


Number of blocks containing boot code



Here are the constants for a standard geometry. if you treat it as an array you can use the DE_* constants

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