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This is how the base of dos.library looks like.


Source position: amigados.pas line 1518

type TDosLibrary = record

  dl_lib: TLibrary;


  dl_Root: PRootNode;


Pointer to RootNode

  dl_Errors: PErrorString;


Pointer to array of error msgs

  dl_TimeReq: PTimerequest;


Private pointer to timer request

  dl_UtilityBase: PLibrary;


Private ptr to utility library

  dl_IntuitionBase: PLibrary;


Private ptr to intuition library

  dl_TimerBase: PDevice;

  dl_TimerIO: TTimerequest;

  dl_DevInfo: PDosList;

  dl_SysBase: PExecBase;

  dl_SegList: BPTR;

  dl_NulHandler: PDevice;

  dl_NulLock: PUnit;

  dl_LDObjectsListSigSem: TSignalSemaphore;

  dl_LDObjectsList: TList;

  dl_LDHandler: TInterrupt;

  dl_LDDemonPort: PMsgPort;

  dl_LDDemonTask: PProcess;

  dl_LDReturn: ULONG;

  dl_SYSLock: BPTR;

  dl_Flags: ULONG;


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