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General Disk informatons from Info


Source position: amigados.pas line 150

type TInfoData = record

  id_NumSoftErrors: LongInt;


Number of soft errors on disk

  id_UnitNumber: LongInt;


Which unit disk is (was) mounted on

  id_DiskState: LongInt;


Disk State (ID_*)

  id_NumBlocks: LongInt;


Number of blocks on disk

  id_NumBlocksUsed: LongInt;


Number of block in use

  id_BytesPerBlock: LongInt;


Number of bytes per block

  id_DiskType: LongInt;


Disk type code (ID_*)

  id_VolumeNode: BPTR;


Pointer to volume node

  id_InUse: IPTR;


If not it use = 0


See also



Returns information about the disk

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