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Input parameter structure used in ReadArgs()


Source position: amigados.pas line 1317

type TRDArgs = record

  RDA_Source: TCSource;


Select input source



private field do not touch.

  RDA_Buffer: PChar;


Optional string parsing space.

  RDA_BufSiz: LongInt;


Size of RDA_Buffer (0..n)

  RDA_ExtHelp: PChar;


Optional extended help

  RDA_Flags: LongInt;


Flags for any required control (RDAF_*)



if RDA_Source.CS_Buffer is not nil, RDA_Source is used as the input character stream to parse, else the input comes from the buffered STDIN calls ReadChar/UnReadChar

RDA_DAList is a private address which is used internally to track allocations which are freed by FreeArgs(). This must be initialized to nil prior to the first call to ReadArgs().

The RDA_Buffer and RDA_BufSiz fields allow the application to supply a fixed-size buffer in which to store the parsed data. This allows the application to pre-allocate a buffer rather than requiring buffer space to be allocated. If either RDA_Buffer or RDA_BufSiz is nil or 0, the application has not supplied a buffer.

RDA_ExtHelp is a text string which will be displayed instead of the template string, if the user is prompted for input.

RDA_Flags bits control how ReadArgs() works. The flag bits are defined with (RDAF_*). Defaults are initialized to 0.

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