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Source position: amigados.pas line 1472

type TRootNode = record

  rn_TaskArray: BPTR;


[0] is max number of CLI's [1] is APTR to process id of CLI 1 [n] is APTR to process id of CLI n

  rn_ConsoleSegment: BPTR;


SegList for the CLI

  rn_Time: TDateStamp;


Current time

  rn_RestartSeg: APTR;


SegList for the disk validator process

  rn_Info: BPTR;


Pointer ot the Info structure

  rn_FileHandlerSegment: BPTR;


Segment for a file handler

  rn_CliList: TMinList;


New list of all CLI processes the first cpl_Array is also rn_TaskArray

  rn_BootProc: PMsgPort;


Private pointer to msgport of boot file system

  rn_ShellSegment: BPTR;


Seglist for Shell (for NewShell)

  rn_Flags: LongInt;


dos flags

  rn_RootLock: TSignalSemaphore;


RootNode arbitrator


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