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Construct a function jump table


Source position: exec.pas line 1223

procedure MakeFunctions(

  const Target: APTR;

  const FunctionArray: CONST_APTR;

  const FuncDispBase: CONST_APTR





The target address for the high memory end of the function jump table. Typically this will be the library base pointer.



A Pointer to an array of function pointers or function displacements. If nil, the array is assumed to contain absolute pointers to functions. If not nil, then the array is assumed to contain word displacements to functions. In both cases, the array is terminated by a -1 (of the same size as the actual entry.



A Pointer to the base about which all function displacements are relative. If nil, then the function array contains absolute pointers.


A low level function used by MakeLibrary() to build jump tables of the type used by libraries, devices and resources. It allows the table to be built anywhere in memory, and can be used both for initialization and replacement. This function also supports function pointer compression by expanding relative displacements into absolute pointers.

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