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Wait for completion of an I/O request


Source position: exec.pas line 1287

function WaitIO(

  IORequest: PIORequest





A pointer to an I/O request block

Function result

A zero if successful, else an error is returned (a sign extended copy of io_Error).


This function waits for the specified I/O request to complete, then removes it from the replyport. If the I/O has already completed, this function will return immediately.

This function should be used with care, as it does not return until the I/O request completes; if the I/O never completes, this function will never return, and your task will hang. If this situation is a possibility, it is safer to use the Wait() function. Wait() will return return when any of a specified set of signal is received. This is how I/O timeouts can be properly handled.

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