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Retrieve an icon


Source position: icon.pas line 242

function GetIconTagList(

  const Name: STRPTR;

  const Tags: PTagItem





Name of the object an icon is to be retrieved for, or nil if a default icon is to be retrieved.



Retrieval options. (ICONGETA_*)

Function result

Pointer to a struct DiskObject or nil in case of error. You can use IoErr() to retrieve the error code or use the ICONA_ErrorCode tag instead.


This function is used to retrieve an icon; the icon can belong to a file/drawer/volume or it can be a default icon.

This function is a superset of GetDefDiskObject(), GetDiskObject() and GetDiskObjectNew().

If a palette-mapped icon is set to allocate its colours from the default screen, such as the Workbench screen, icon.library may resort to remap its colours in the course of Workbench screen close/reopen transitions. This means that you cannot depend upon the icon's image bitmaps to stay the same size, shape or colour. If this is what you need, you should either create your own images from the palette mapped data or make copies of the icon image bitmaps and the associated colour table.

If during Workbench close/open transitions the global remap screen becomes nil, GetIconTagList() may refuse to return a remapped icon and return with an error (ERROR_REQUIRED_ARG_MISSING) instead.

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