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Tag for IconControlA(), Set the maximum length of a file/drawer name supported by icon.library (LONG).


Source position: icon.pas line 54

const ICONCTRLA_SetGlobalMaxNameLength = ICONA_Dummy + 67;


Global Option for IconControlA()

icon.library has a built-in file name length limit that affects whether icon files are read and written. Currently, the default for this value is 25 characters. This is sufficient for an icon file name acceptable with the ROM filing system. This limit has two effects: if an icon file is to be written whose name would be longer than the limit, icon.library will silently abort the write attempt and pretend that the icon file has been written; this is done in order to avoid overwriting the original data file with the icon file. If an icon file was read that turns out to contain invalid icon data, another test is done in order to find out whether the file name was longer than the limit. If this is the case, it is assumed that the data was read from the original file rather than from the icon file. The library then pretends that the icon file was not found.

This tag can be used to set this length limit. The limit must be in the range [8..255].

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Tag for IconControlA(), Get the maximum length of a file/drawer name supported by icon.library (LONG).

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