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Tag for IconControlA(), Screen to use for remapping Workbench icons to (PScreen)


Source position: icon.pas line 32

const ICONCTRLA_SetGlobalScreen = ICONA_Dummy + 2;


Global Option for IconControlA(),Pointer to the screen to remap palette mapped icons to. This is commonly used by workbench.library after it has initialized itself and before/after screen open/close transitions. If the screen is set to nil, the icon colour remapping strategy is changed: colours are no longer allocated from a screen and the colours to map to will come from a default colour colour table with four palette entries. Please note that once you select a screen to remap to, you cannot tell icon.library to use a different screen; you first need to tell icon.library to "let go" of the previously selected screen by passing a nil ICONCTRLA_SetGlobalScreen parameter. You can set a different screen only after this is done.

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Tag for IconControlA(), Get the Screen which is used icons (^PScreen)

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