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Create an empty icon


Source position: icon.pas line 241

function NewDiskObject(

  Type_: ULONG





Icon type to create, this must be one of WBDISK, WBDRAWER, WBTOOL, WBPROJECT, WBGARBAGE, WBDEVICE or WBKICK.

Function result

Pointer to a struct DiskObject or nil in case of error. You can use IoErr() to retrieve the error code.


This function is used to create an "empty" DiskObject structure, which has no image data associated with it. Still, all the necessary structures are in place, you just have to fill them in.

The DiskObject returned by this function will have a zero width and height Image in the do_Gadget.GadgetRender member and the do_Gadget.Width/do_Gadget.Height members will both be 0, too.

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