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Remove selected items from a tag list.


Source position: utility.pas line 223

function FilterTagItems(

  TagList: PTagItem;

  FilterArray: PTag;

  Logic: LongWord





input list of tag items which is to be filtered by having selected items changed to TAG_IGNORE.



An array of tag values, terminated by TAG_DONE, as specified in the documentation for TagInArray().



Apecification whether items in 'tagArray' are to be included or excluded in the filtered result.

Function result

Number of valid items left in resulting filtered list.


Removes tag items from a tag list (by changing ti_Data to TAG_IGNORETAG_IGNORE) depending on whether its ti_Data value is found in an array of tag values.

If the 'logic' parameter is TAGFILTER_ANDTAGFILTER_AND, then all items not appearing in 'tagArray' are excluded from 'tagList'.

If 'logic' is TAGFILTER_NOTTAGFILTER_NOT, then items not found in 'tagArray' are preserved, and the ones in the array are cast out.

See also



Check if a tag value appears in an array of tag values.

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