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Builds a "flag" word from a tag list


Source position: utility.pas line 213

function PackBoolTags(

  InitialFlags: LongWord;

  const TagList: PTagItem;

  const BoolMap: PTagItem





A starting set of bit-flags which will be changed by the processing of True and False boolean tags in tagList.



A TagItem list which may contain several tag items defined to be boolean by their presence in boolMap. The logical value of ti_Data determines whether a tag item causes the bit-flag value related by boolMap to be set or cleared in the returned flag longword.



A tag list defining the boolean tags to be recognized, and the bit (or bits) in the returned longword that are to be set or cleared when a boolean Tag is found to be True or False in tagList.

Function result

The accumulated longword of bit-flags, starting with initialFlags and modified by each boolean tag item encountered.


Picks out the boolean tag items in a tag list and converts them into bit-flag representations according to a correspondence defined by the tag list 'boolMap'.

A boolean tag item is one where only the logical value of the ti_Data is relevant. If this field is 0, the value is False, otherwise True.

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