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Representation of an *.info file


Source position: workbench.pas line 102

type TDiskObject = record

  do_Magic: Word;


A magic number at the start of the file

  do_Version: Word;


A version number, so we can change it

  do_Gadget: TGadget;


A copy of in core gadget

  do_type: Byte;


Type for icons (WB*)

  do_DefaultTool: STRPTR;


  do_Tooltypes: PPChar;


List of ToolTypes

  do_CurrentX: LongInt;


Current X Position of Icon

  do_CurrentY: LongInt;


Current Y Position of Icon

  do_DrawerData: PDrawerData;


  do_ToolWindow: STRPTR;


Only applies to tools

  do_StackSize: LongInt;


Only applies to tools


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