Curriculum vitae (CV)

Personal data:
Name:Dr. rer. nat. Marcus Sackrow
email: alb42[at]
Birthplace/city:27.03.1977 in Frankfurt(Oder), Germany
Marital status:married, one daughter

School education:
1983-199311. POS "Otto Grothewohl" Frankfurt(Oder),Germany (renamed 1992 to 4. Gesamtschule)
1993-1996Carl-Friedrich Gauss Gymnasium, Frankfurt(Oder), Germany, Abitur (2.5)

Civilian service:
10/1996-10/1997home for elderly, Seniorenhaus "Am Südring", Frankfurt(Oder), Germany, (aged care work) nursing assistant

Academic education:
1997-2004University of Siegen, Germany
Chemistry, pre-degree (1.5)
major subject: physical chemistry, analytical chemistry
Diploma thesis: "Charakterisierung und Optimierung von Silberkolloiden für die Einzelmolekül SERRS-Spektroskopie" (1.8)
2004-2008University of Siegen, Germany (2004-2005)
University of Tübingen, Germany (2005-2008)
Ph.D. thesis: "Confocal and near-field measurements with a parabolic mirror"(1.0) ISBN 3938807571
2008-2009Postdoc, Project leader Simulation and Modelling University Tübingen
2010-Developer, PicoQuant GmbH

Additional education:
1995driving licence
2004Course for laser security commissary

Language skills:

Computer skills:
Administration of operating systemsWindows(3.1-Vista), Linux(2.2-2.6), Solaris(7-10), Irix(6.5), AIX(4), AmigaOS
Programming languagesDelphi/Pascal(professional), Matlab(very good), C/C++(good), Basic(good), 68k-Assembler(basic), SXM(basic)
Other skillsNetwork and backup strategies
2000-2001 Building and administration of a network for 300 computer in students hall of residence "Engsbachstrasse", Siegen.
1999-2005 Administration of the computers of the Physical chemistry department at university Siegen
2008 Compute linux cluster of one Multi processor server and 62 Server Blades (Hard- and Software)

Community Service:
2000-2003member of students representatives
2003-2004member of faculty council

Meixner AJ, Vosgröne T, Sackrow M, Nanoscale surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering spectroscopy of single molecules on isolated silver clusters, J. of Lumin. (2001) 94, 147-152.

Sackrow M, Stanciu C, Lieb MA, Meixner AJ, Imaging nanometre-sized hot spots on smooth Au films with high-resolution tip-enhanced luminescence and Raman near-field optical microscopy, ChemPhysChem (2008) 9, 316-320.

Stanciu C, Sackrow M, Meixner AJ, High NA particle- and tip-enhanced nanoscale Raman spectroscopy with a parabolic-mirror microscope, J. of Micr. (2008) 229, 247-253.

Zhang D, Heinemeyer U, Stanciu C, Sackrow M, Braun K, Hennemann LE, Wang X, Scholz R, Schreiber F, Meixner AJ, Nanoscale spectroscopic imaging of organic semiconductor films by plasmon-polariton coupling, Physical Review Letters (2010) 104, 056601.

Peter S, Elgass K, Sackrow M, Caesar K, Born AK, Maniura K, Harter K, Meixner AJ, Schleifenbaum F, Fluorescence intensity decay shape analysis microscopy (FIDSAM) for quantitative and sensitive live-cell imaging SPIE Proc (2010) 7568, 756812.

Schleifenbaum F, Elgass K, Sackrow M, Caesar K, Berendzen K, Harter K, Meixner AJ Fluorescence intensity decay shape analysis microscopy (FIDSAM) for quantitative and sensitive live-cell imaging. Mol Plant (2010).