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Language: Delphi 6

A program for fast Viewing of spectras in txt, spe or thd format, the pictures can be saved. It is possible to search for Peaks and combine spectra to series.
Screenshot vom MagicSERS3-StartFenster Screenshot vom MagicSERS3-Anzeige Features:

07.04.2009Removed some Bugs with very big datafiles when scroll through the dataset
01.03.2009Added Spectra Scan (form an Intensity images out of Spectra) free choice of size and area of the Spectra used for the Picture save as STP for WSxM, click into the Picture shows the Spectrum at this point.
18.11.2008Bugfix on TXT-Loading
08.05.2008Crash on "Save all as TXT" found and fixed. (uninitialized value)
20.04.2008Bugfixing, Properties for THD-Files added.
18.03.2008Spektra can be normalized via a checkbox
27.02.2007 Minor Bug release
19.02.2007 Switch for logarithmic scale for y-Axis (for THD-files automatical on, for SPE off, TXT use the last setting).
Preferenceswindow for "Save all as Text" added, for future extension, at the moment only the 3 lines header can be turned off.
First Version of Data-Properties added.. shows Properties like Laser wavelength, Date time, resolution and so on... depending on filetype
10.12.2006 reads THD (Timeharp-Picoquant) files, still BETA!
some small bugs removed related to spectra series.
21.05.2006 removed some Bugs relating: Change Data, translations, scaling
21.11.2005 much changing for large SPE-files (>100 Spectra in one File)
Now one Spe-file can be theoretically have the size of half of the free RAM (2 times because, the data still must kept twice in RAM for calibration, largest tested file: 20.000 Spektra each 1340 Points = 51.1Mb Thanks to Matthias Steiner for this Data)
the copy text function only copy the spectra which are currently viewed (for series)
20.11.2005 With Ctrl+T the Data can be copied as text to clipboard for use in programs like Origin or Qtiplot. Some small bugs removed with large Datafiles. Updatecheck included. new structure in Source code.
07.10.2005 Bug in Text-writing removed. Now the right folder is used
30.09.2005 Change of scale-type possible (Pixel/wavelength/wavenumbers/rel. wavenumbers/Original) for SPE-files. Bug with Windows XP removed: first file at "Save all as text" the '\' was not there. Some translation changed. Picture possible to copy: Ctrl+C Bitmap, Strg+X als EMF (advantage: free scaleable).
30.10.2004 The programm is now packed with UPX... save 60% size
29.10.2004 change of x und y-Axis scaling and change of the axis titles possible
27.10.2004Drag'N Drop of Files to list or graphic added, automaticly taking of the right x-scaletype (from the SPE-file), Fitroutine for SPE-loading removed (double in the SPE data)