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Language: Lazarus/Freepascal


Program to View and convert Scandata of SCAN.EXE, Scala ,SymPhoTime and Nanosurf AFM-Files to STP files for WSxM (
Screenshot of WSxMConvert main window Screenshot of WSxMConvert viewer window
Screenshots of WSxMConvert

10.03.2009Bug fixing on load/save of Symphotime data removed
23.02.2009speed of loading of SymPhoTime Data dramaticly increased.
22.02.2009added Support for PicoQuant SymPhoTime Scan data, only Picture and only when a PI-710 is used (i have only access to such data, if you are interrested in other Scanner, send me files and description then I will add as well), Drag and Drop of File to Listwindow added, Bug fixing at Linux version
20.03.2007possible load the created STP again
18.03.2007conversation from Delphi into Lazarus, Viewing with OpenGL included, Linux Version
27.08.2004"Z Amplitude: 1 nm" to STP File added, since the new Version of WSxM requires it (V3+)