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Tag for IconControlA(), Get second transparent image color; -1 if opaque


Source position: icon.pas line 65

const ICONCTRLA_GetTransparentColor2 = ICONA_Dummy + 19;


Per Icon Option for IconControlA() Get the transparent colour for a palette mapped icon image, in this case the alternate icon image (icon^.do_Gadget.SelectRender). If the image is opaque, its "transparent colour" will be returned as -1. Note that this data is valid only for palette mapped icons; for other types, you may not receive any meaningful result. Likewise, if there is no alternate image, no information may be available.

See also



Tag for IconControlA(), Set first transparent image color; set to -1 if opaque (LongInt)



Tag for IconControlA(), Get first transparent image color; -1 if opaque (PLongInt)



Tag for IconControlA(), Set second transparent image color; set to -1 if opaque

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