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Tag for IconControlA(), Set second transparent image color; set to -1 if opaque


Source position: icon.pas line 64

const ICONCTRLA_SetTransparentColor2 = ICONA_Dummy + 18;


Per Icon Option for IconControlA() Set the transparent colour for a palette mapped icon image, in this case the alternate icon image (icon^.do_Gadget.SelectRender). The colour must be among the valid palette entries, e.g. for a 16 colour image, the transparent colour may not be larger than 15. To make the icon image opaque, set its transparent colour to -1. Please note that you can set the alternate image transparent colour only if there is an alternate image.

See also



Tag for IconControlA(), Set first transparent image color; set to -1 if opaque (LongInt)



Tag for IconControlA(), Get first transparent image color; -1 if opaque (PLongInt)



Tag for IconControlA(), Get second transparent image color; -1 if opaque

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